Holger Baer
By Florian Popp

Holger Baer, one of Germany's premier wood sculptor's, recently undertook the rennovation of the Art Rock Cafe at Mosbach Airport.



Chainsaw carving and interior decorators would be a strange combination at the best of times, however after viewing the following project from Holger Baer, I would exchange my colour chart for a chainsaw and Woodcarver any day.


Holger claims that until this point, he remains Germany's first and only chainsaw carver, having also gained acclaim internationally by attending several chainsaw carving events in the USA.

Holger recently helped to redecorate a Cafe/Bar at Mosbach Airport. The "Art Rock Cafe" furniture and deco were designed and created by Holger using principally a chainsaw, Woodcarver and finishing tools. The wooden features include the bar columns, various figures (crocodile, island heads, ying & yang carving, hands carving), stools, benches and table. These were carved partially in the studio, partially on site.

The bar columns feature carved Moai faces, comlimented by two 3 meter crocodiles hanging lazily over the bar.


The island atmosphere gives the Art Rock Cafe a relaxing ambience for busy airport travellers (and locals on weekends), with a pool table and plenty of seating room for individuals or groups.




Apart from creating a fantastic environment in a busy airport, Holger now has a well frequented display case for his carvings ! The great lighting highlights the carvings and acts to create the effect of different sections in the cafe.


To learn more about Holger's work, visit his website at



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