Mid - Winter 
Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous
                               Year 2003




United States

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*Candellight Vigil in Ice*

February 28, 2003
Ridgway Center

Carvers coming together from all over the world 
to learn how to carve ice 
or to demonstrate their ice carving skills 
one another in a combined work of art.


If interested in carving ice, contact:
508-947.2393 ask for Wayne

Randy Boni

 Rick Boni and Bob

(Bob made it able, that i can update this site from here, today! Thanks Bob)

Weather looks GOOD

1. day Thursday, some setup already and started carving.



Randy Boni demonstrate how to carve an eagle
here is the result

Rick Boni´s Owl


DENNIS BEACH did this for demonstration in, i think not much more than 20 minutes!

He is a champion!!


TV showed up!



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