"Himmel ist ein Platz auf Erden, es liegt in unseren Händen"
Holger Bär / Randy Boni

Höhe ca 3m / Material Pappel











"Himmel ist ein Platz auf Erden, es liegt in unseren Händen"




Zeichnung von Alexander Junghans Billigheim 








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Eleventh House: Aquarius the Water-Bearer

The Eleventh House is the house of group creative expressions. It is the desire to pool and merge the time, efforts and resources of the individual with those of the larger society in order to create something new for the benefit of everyone. Enhancement of the polity overwhelms the desire for self-aggrandisement, the walls of Ego come tumbling down and the individual communes with the totality of the species.



The Nine Muses

Name Meaning of Name Domain Symbols
Calliope The Fair Voiced Epic Poetry Writing Tablet
Clio The Proclaimer History Scroll
Erato The Lovely Love Poetry Lyre
Euterpe The Giver of Pleasure Music Flute
Melpomene The Songstress Tragedy Tragic Mask
Polyhymnia She of Many Hymns Sacred Poetry Pensive Look
Terpsichore The Whirler Dancing Dancing with Lyre
Thalia The Flourishing Comedy Comic Mask
Urania The Heavenly Astronomy Celestial Globe



The Nine Muses are the Greek goddesses of inspiration, learning, the arts, and culture. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Zeus lay with Mnemosyne ("Memory") for nine days, and she gave birth to the Muses, who rejoice in their bright dancing places on Mount Helicon -- "nine voices united in one song." Their companions are the Graces and Desire, and their leader is Apollo, the god of music and harmony.




Utopian Philosophy

Every human institution has a guiding mission statement or philosophy. Yet there is no specific global plan for Humanity's future. Without a plan, happenstance determines destination. Instead of leaving its fate up to chance, Humanity should select its own destination.

        Since Utopia is the best Humanity can perceive, Utopia should be Humanity's guiding philosophy. This ultimate philosophy of striving for the best life possible for everyone, can be one global element of common sense and common purpose in an otherwise complex and fragmented world. Utopian philosophy can be the goal that unites the world for good and noble actions.




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